I Will Not Vote for Trump — He Never Put Country Before Self

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that he would not vote for former President Donald Trump because he was a threat to democracy.

Wallace said, “I want to talk about the future. You said that Donald Trump is not democratic — or he was a danger to our democracy to Bret Baier. What is the specific threat he represents to American democracy?”

Esper said, “This is a cautionary tail in that regard. We’ve got to elect people — whether it’s certainly the president of the United States, but members of Congress — who have to do a few things. You have to put country before self.”

Wallace said, “Trump doesn’t do that.”

Esper said, “No. Number two, you have to have integrity and a core set of principles that guide you.”

Wallace said, “I don’t even think people close to him think he has that.”

Esper said, “And you have to be able to reach across the aisle. You have to be willing to work with people from the other party, and you have to bring the country together. I’m a Reagan Republican. That’s what Ronald Reagan did.”

Wallace asked, “If he’s the nominee of the Republican Party in 2024, will you vote for him?”

Esper said, “No.”

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